View Detail: Level:138|ATK:99|DEF:99|STR:99 ---RS3 Account For Sale

General Account Details

ID:  Mj-rs79611 Server: Runescape 3
Level:  138 Total Level:  2601
Black Marks
Level138, ATK:99, STR:99, DEF:99, RNG:105, MAG:99,summoning:99, Type: PRA:99, slayer:99, herblore:99, runecrafting:89, dung:76, construction:99, agility:99, thieving:99, crafting:99, fletching:99, divination:84, mining:101, smithing:99, fishing:100´╝îcooking:99, firemaking:99, woodcutting:99, farming:99, invention:101, TotalLevel:2601, QuestPoint:265.
Character Information:

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