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Welcome to Buy 2007 MiniGame
Beware 1,please fill your log in name ,password and bankpin to the blank when u put this order,if u havn't fill them or write the wrong info,plz log in the LIVECHAT to delivery your order code.
Beware 2,If you don't receive a phone call or an email in 5 minutes after you've placed the order. Please Jump in our LiveChat with your order code to confirm your order. Correct Phone Number is required. Orders can only be started after it's been confirmed .and put some gold on your acc for this PL.
Beware 3, If you really have to login game during the service time, make sure to let our LiveChat know. An email will be sent to you right away when we have finished your order.

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Rune defender Pest Control Balthazar Dragon defender

Rune defender

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